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John Kline: Bio

Melodic and Expressive Progressive Rock with Jazz, Classical, Celtic, and New Age flavors. 

 The Music Therapy Experiment:  Seeking Uncommon Musicians and Singers

As a Clinical Psychologist and recording artist, I have the privilege of a perspective on music that has allowed me to integrate its healing energy into my practice and personal life.   I shouldn't be surprised that the most commonly reported benefit to the music that I produce is that it "relaxes" people and makes them smile.  

As a multi-instrumentalist and solo act, the next frontier for me is the social element, and I am actively recruiting musicians and singers for a recording / performing project tentatively to be called "The Music Therapy Experiment."   The title reflects my sanguinity about music therapy for mental health maintenance.  It has been my experience that involvement in music helps me relax, re-focus, and short-circuit rumination and obsession.    I was the first participant in my experiment.  If the project interests you, i.e. spreading positive emotion through music, then I would love to hear from you.


John P. Kline, Ph.D.    Clinical Psychologist and Recording Artist